Wireless Broadband


Making the Wireless Broadband Business Work

While the wireless broadband access business offers many benefits to ISPs and end-users, like fast deployment, reachability and more, it poses a constant trade-off between cost per end-user line vs. coverage.

Although WiFi technology is considered as a low-cost per-line solution, since most current user devices are already WiFi enabled, coverage of large areas based on WiFi technology requires many access points, sites and backhaul infrastructure, which drives CAPEX and OPEX up to a point that makes the feasibility of WiFi-based broadband access questionable.

With Altai’s Super WiFi technology, embedded in its Super WiFi base stations, there no longer need be a trade-off between low cost per line and coverage. With smart antenna technology, Altai Super WiFi boosts the coverage and performance of any standard WiFi client.


• Highest customer reach – through unparalleled coverage per base station and through the best NLOS client reachability
• Lowest cost-per-line solution – making it feasible even for low average revenue per user (ARPU) customers
• Highest capacity base stations – through 8×8 MIMO and Altai’s AirFi, enabling cost-effective, high-capacity (high ARPU) customer connectivity
• Cost-effective solutions – for various area sizes and coverage needs, with the most comprehensive portfolio of base stations, access points, CPEs and backhaul alternatives
• Fastest time to market – with fewer sites required and simple-to-install base stations
• Lowest CAPEX – requiring the fewest base stations and base station sites per square kilometer
• Lowest OPEX – mainly by reducing the number of sites to rent, maintain and connect per square kilometer