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The massive penetration of smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets has led to an exponential growth in mobile data usage, and mobile infrastructure capacity can’t always keep up. As a result, many mobile operators are seeking cost-effective solutions to offloading their mobile data network.
WiFi technology is one of the most logical options for addressing this challenge – after all, most mobile devices already include an embedded WiFi client.

Altai’s Super WiFi – Super 3G/4G Offload

Altai offers a complete solution for cost-effective 3G and LTE offloading, which seamlessly integrates its WiFi solution into any mobile operator’s cellular network. Altai’s solution comprises high-performance Super WiFi base stations, full network and service integration with the mobile network services, and a centralized management system for network-wide visibility, control and optimization.

This solution has various advantages for mobile operators:

– Ultimate co-location and reuse:

Altai’s Super WiFi base stations are specifically designed to co-exist with any cellular radio within a 50 centimeter distance, without degrading the performance of either the cellular radio or the WiFi base station.

– Largest coverage:

Altai’s Super WiFi base stations provide up to 10 times the coverage area from the cellular tower compared to any other WiFi access point, while remaining within transmission power regulation limits.

– Uniform coverage:

Altai’s Super WiFi technology with its 8-element antenna array, smart antenna technology and 8×8 MIMO delivers the best non-line-of-sight reach to any standard WiFi client, significantly reducing the amount of dead spots, even in dense urban areas.

– High WiFi cell capacity:

Thanks to the 8×8 MIMO technology and Altai’s proprietary AirFi technology, Altai’s Super WiFi base stations deliver more than 5 times the capacity per WiFi channel, even with a high number of concurrent users.

– Interference immunity:

When a base station is installed in a high location such as a cellular tower, interference becomes an even bigger challenge. Altai’s smart antenna technology attenuates interference outside its focused beam. Combined with its advanced Automatic Channel selection it delivers the best interference immunity in its class.

– SIM-based authentication:

Altai’s solution allows users to seamlessly authenticate and connect to the WiFi base station, based on the mobile device’s SIM card credential, maintaining the same user experience as with the 3G/4G mobile network connection.

– SIM-based authentication:

Altai’s Super WiFi base station can seamlessly connect to the core mobile network through the standard GRE/IPSec tunneling, with or without additional gateways.

Mobile Data Offloading for 3G and LTE Networks


The benefits of Altai’s solution for 3G/4G mobile network offloading include:

The lowest TCO because Altai provides:

– The ultimate WiFi-cellular radio co-location, which saves on site resources such as backhaul, power and location rental

– Up to 90% reduction in the number of WiFi access point and sites, thanks to the tenfold coverage compared to a standard access point

– Improved user experience through consistently high performance and high capacity WiFi connectivity

– Fast and simple deployment, through its integrated radio and antenna unit, and no risk of cross interference

– Increased mobile network offload through its seamless user handoff to the WiFi network based on SIM card authentication

– A consistent user experience with all Value Added Services, through the WiFi network’s integration with the mobile core network