Wireless Backhaul


Minimum Expenditures for Maximum Network Scale and Scope of Services

Wireless backhaul is an essential component in building a broadband wireless network because an Internet outlet is not always available at the site where an access point is to be deployed. To lay an Internet outlet is not always possible, sometime it is cost prohibitive or it may take too long to deploy. Wireless backhaul is the best solution to solve these problems.

Altai understands the requirements of different deployment scenarios, ranging from carriers, WISPs, rural broadband, building-to-building connectivity to video surveillance etc. Based on the long and extensive experience in WiFi network deployments, Altai develops a full range of cost-effective and highly scalable wireless backhaul solutions to overcome these network challenges.


• Long range – operational distances in excess of 80 km
• High capacity – up to 280 Mbps throughput
• High flexibility – configurable 4.9 to 6.0 GHz frequency band and configurable 5/10/20/40 MHz channel widths
• Cost effective – “pay as you grow” software upgradeable capacity feature
• High scalability – can be installed anywhere irrespective of network scale or geographical constraints
• Reliable – advanced QoS support, reliable and robust design