3G/LTE Data Offload


WiFi-Cellular Radio Co-location Shortened Deployment Time

The massive penetration of smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets has led to an exponential growth in mobile data usage, and mobile infrastructure capacity can’t always keep up. As a result, many mobile operators are seeking cost-effective solutions to offloading their mobile data network.

WiFi technology is one of the most logical options for addressing this challenge – after all, most mobile devices already include an embedded WiFi client.

Altai offers a complete solution for cost-effective 3G and LTE offloading, which seamlessly integrates its WiFi solution into any mobile operator’s cellular network. Altai’s Super WiFi base stations are specifically designed to co-exist with any cellular radio within a 50 cm distance, without compromising on the performance of either the cellular radio or the WiFi base station.



• The ultimate WiFi-cellular radio co-location, which saves on site resources such as backhaul, power and location rental
• Fast and simple deployment, through its integrated radio and antenna unit, and no risk of cross interference
• Up to 90% reduction in the number of WiFi access point and sites, thanks to the tenfold coverage compared to a standard access point
• Altai’s solution allows users to seamlessly authenticate and connect to the WiFi base station, based on the mobile device’s SIM card credential, maintaining the same user experience as with the 3G/4G mobile network connection.
• Improved user experience through consistently high performance and high capacity WiFi connectivity