A Collection of Technology Breakthroughs to Overcome Challenges in Harsh Environments

Regardless of industry and services provided, businesses are always under pressure to improve services, quality and cost-efficiency while staying flexible to meet changing market demands.

Altai’s technology was designed to overcome the inherent limitations of WiFi, and hence enables WiFi to cover large outdoor and indoor spaces with high capacity and reliable connectivity. Embedded with smart antenna technology in its Super WiFi base stations, Altai Super WiFi offers much better coverage and stability wireless connectivity in industrial environments where a lot of large structures and metal objects are common. Over the years, Altai has gathered a lot of experience in various industrial applications such as logistics centers, campuses, hotels, exhibition halls, manufacturing plants etc.

Altai’s products are built to withstand harsh environments, thus making them the best choice for different industries. It comes as no surprise that Altai is the world’s number one WiFi solution provider for port with worldwide deployment at over 180 container ports and airports.


• The multi-beam antennas of Altai Super WiFi base station provides up to 5X the range and 10X the per site coverage as standard access point
• Using up to 80% fewer access points than standard WiFi systems to cover the same area enables less complex network design
• Faster time to market and lower CAPEX and OPEX through fewer sites required and simple to install base stations and access points
• Double the effective capacity per WiFi channel by optimizing each client’s throughput based on its signal strength and traffic using Altai AirFi.
• Highly flexible network management solution for operators to opt for a controller-based solution or AltaiCare, a cloud-based platform for AP and network management