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AltaiGate Smart WLAN Controller

Designed with ease of use in mind, the AltaiGate 210/510 simplifies the setup of your entire Wi-Fi network. Its intuitive web-based configuration interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. Deployable within any Layer 2/3 network, the Altai Super WiFi access points seamlessly connect with AltaiGate, enabling a truly plug-and-play Wi-Fi network deployment.


  • Unmatched Price-to-Performance Ratio: AltaiGate 210 offers exceptional value by supporting up to 200 APs and 4,000 client devices, catering to small and medium-sized businesses. For large corporate networks, AltaiGate 510 goes even further, accommodating up to 500 APs and 10,000 client devices.
  • Intuitive and Effortless Management: Simplify the setup and administration of your Wi-Fi network with AltaiGate’s user-friendly web interface. Experience streamlined network management through centralized control, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Seamless and Secure Access Services: AltaiGate 210/510 provides comprehensive access services, including built-in RADIUS and captive portal functionality. Whether for enterprise or guest Wi-Fi networks, you can manage user access effortlessly.
  • Robust Network Security: Provide secure Wi-Fi access with the support of WPA3 and safeguard against malicious attacks with the Wireless Intrusion Prevention System. AltaiGate 510 takes security a step further by integrating with Check Point Next Generation Firewall, offering comprehensive traffic visibility and policy enforcement.
  • Advanced RF Management: Optimize network performance and minimize interference with AltaiGate’s advanced RF management features including rogue AP detection, auto channel selection and multi-AP steering.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Support both centralized and distributed forwarding architectures. This versatility allows you to tailor your network setup to meet specific requirements, maximizing deployment flexibility.


AltaiGate 210 Catalog

Last Updated: 2024-02-26



AltaiGate 510 Catalog

Last Updated: 2024-04-29