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Altai Wireless Management System

Deploying a citywide WiFi network requires an advanced management and monitoring system, to maintain a consistently high-performing network service. Altai’s Wireless Management System (“AWMS”) provides a powerful tool for managing a large wireless network, with network wide/group batch parameter updates. Just as importantly, AWMS collects and presents network status parameters, including errors, alarms and performance information from each network element, graphically presenting them on a map (e.g. per base station location) or in drill down-able tables.

AWMS highlights:

• Centralized configuration and monitoring system covering all Altai’s WiFi network elements
• Visual fault alert via network map
• Single/batch network element configuration
• Template and group-based configuration
• Automatic network element detection and provisioning
• Real time network performance reports, drill down-able to the network element statistics level
• System/NE/WiFi client performance reporting
• Rogue AP detection and channel scan summary
• CPE remote provisioning, management and diagnosis

Altai AWMS Catalog

Last Updated: 2016-08-15