VX200 Industrial CPE/AP

vx200 l

The Altai VX200 is an industrial CPE/AP specifically designed to deliver unparalleled Wi-Fi experience and highly reliable connectivity at the market’s most affordable price point.


• Support industrial communications standards such as PROFINET
• Advanced Interference Mitigation Suite offers significant reduction in interference in harsh and noisy industrial environments
• Due to the wide operating temperature range and a robust design with enhanced surge, ESD, and vibration protection, VX200 can be used in harshest conditions with the highest reliability
• Ideally suited for installation on AGV or AS/RS platform in factories, logistics centers, and warehouses
• The most affordable high performance CPE in the market for real-time device monitoring, remote management, and data collection in a wide range of industrial environments

Altai VX200 Industrial CPE/AP Catalog

Last Updated: 2022-03-03