Altai BX600-X PtMP Base Station

BX260-x_l v2

Altai BX600-X is a base station that provides up to 250 Mbps net aggregate throughput while delivering access connectivity for up to 16 subscriber units. It operates in 4.9 to 6 GHz bands.


• Up to 250 Mbps net aggregated throughput
• Long range – up to 40 km
• Supports up to 16 subscriber units
• Guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) per subscriber unit
• Exceptional low and constant latency
• Single radio supporting multiple bands
• Advanced MIMO, OFDM, and diversity technologies
• Robust and reliable operation in harsh conditions, extreme temperatures, and non-line-of-sight scenarios
• Ease of operation and maintenance

Altai BX600-X PtMP Base Station

Last Updated: 2022-11-01