Altai BX260-N PtMP Subscriber Unit

BX260-N_l v2

Altai BX260-N is a subscriber unit with an integrated 22 dBi antenna that delivers up to 250 Mbps net aggregate throughput. It supports guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) or best effort service level.


• Up to 250 Mbps net aggregated throughput
• Long range – up to 40 km
• Guaranteed service level agreement based on CIR or best effort service level
• 22 dBi integrated antenna
• Low and constant latency
• Advanced MIMO, OFDM, and antenna diversity
• Robust and reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions including obstructed line-of-sight scenarios
• IP67
• Simplified installation using a Smartphone app.

Altai BX260-N PtMP Subscriber Unit

Last Updated: 2022-11-01