HKSTP InnOcircle’s Event on Smart City Trends

Altai’s President Ken Leung was invited by HKSTP to join its InnOcircle’s event, which was themed as “Smart City Trends, Lessons, Challenges, and Future Prospects for Hong Kong” on Sep 26. The event aimed to explore the current trends in smart city development, share valuable lessons, discuss challenges, and envision the prospects for Hong Kong.

The event commenced with a warm welcome by Ir Prof Alan Lam, a prominent figure in the HKSTP Startups Alumni Association Steering Committee.  Ir. Professor Lam highlighted the significance of the event’s theme and its relevance to the evolving landscape of Hong Kong’s urban development. His speech set the stage for the subsequent discussions.

The central part of the event was an interactive discussion on the topic of “Smart City Trends, Lessons, Challenges, and Future Prospects for Hong Kong.” The esteemed panelists, including Ken, shared their insights and perspectives on the subject matter. The discussion delved into various aspects of smart city trends, such as AI and Machine Learning, IoT, 5G, Blockchain and Sustainability.  The panelists provided valuable insights based on their expertise and experiences, sparking thoughtful conversations among the attendees.

The event also provided a networking opportunity during a dinner session, which facilitated the formation of new relationships and the exploration of future partnerships in the smart city initiatives.