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AltaiCare Appliance

The AltaiCare Appliance is a new class of affordable and versatile WLAN management platform designed for small and medium-sized business. Powered by an optimized and virtualized version of the AltaiCare, it addresses the network challenges faced by Wi-Fi network deployment of 50 APs or fewer.

AltaiCare Appliance highlights:

• Support up to 50 APs and 1,000 client devices at an affordable cost
• Web-based configuration interface allows Wi-Fi network to be set up quickly; Altai Super WiFi APs discover the AltaiGate automatically
• Smart access features such as hotspot, guest access, social media login such as Facebook and Google allows quick setup for secured private network access or easy monetization of hotspot services
• Support enterprise-grade 802.1x with any backend authentication databases such as RADIUS and Active Directory
• Zero configuration allows a non-technical person to simply unpack and plug APs to Wi-Fi network
• AltaiCare Appliance’s Advertising Engine enables small business to turn their Wi-Fi network into a new marketing medium which can be used to promote and sell their products and services.

AltaiCare Appliance Catalog

Last Updated: 2019-03-26